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A technology for connectivity and IoT

Project description

DQuid technology is an Internet of Things connectivity platform that provides tools which allow remote control of various connected objects (e.g. information and functions of a vehicle, household products) via the App.

The main tools of the technology are: DQuid Stack and DQuid SDK.

DQuid Stack is a software library that can be integrated into the electronic component of an object to be connected. It allows the exchange of data from the object to the application that integrates the DQuid SDK in a secure and optimized way for the transmission channel (e.g. Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi).

The DQuid SDK (Software Development Kit) gives developers the tools they need to use object data and display them through the app.

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Our role

  • RE: Lab has designed and developed DQuid technology for specific customers..

  • RE:Lab provides various hardware reference designs such as design guidelines for embedded architecture that can naturally host the DQuid Stack.
  • RE: Lab has built a family of hardware devices that integrate DQuid technology for prototyping and fast connection of objects to the network.
  • RE:Lab has also designed Web API for uploading and downloading data collected directly from objects (or via apps) that integrate the DQuid SDK.