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A hardware to manage and control digital interfaces

Project description

HMI Box is a hardware created by RE: Lab to manage and control digital interfaces.  

It is a prototype platform designed to control multi-displays and manage information coming from, for example, CAN networks (Controller Area Network), RS232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, BLE.  

HMI Box can be quickly integrated into the existing system architecture (eg vehicle, motorcycle, earthmoving machinery) giving it the possibility to develop applications that use system data based on customer needs.  

HMI Box is able to host and manage software for the control and display of HMI, programmable through tool chains such as Qt and Kanzi.

Our role

  • RE:Lab designs and develops HMI Box
  • RE:Lab implements prototypes using the HMI Box
  • RE:Lab can personalize the HMI Box according to clients' needs and context of use