Solutions for human machine interface.

In 15 years of experience, we have used hundreds of Interaction design tools, as well as User Experience (UX) and Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) assessment frameworks.

No matter if we have to invent a new digital cluster for a car, or imagine an HMI where there was nothing before, or simply improve an existing one: we create wireframes, define requirements and navigation flows, sketch an early stage prototype or design the graphical assets. Something working in the end. Usability bugs? Testing, here we are. We test everything, in every stage of the process, from the desk to the road.

UX Research.

Interaction is an endless evolving stream. We stay tuned with all innovations that appear in the world of interactive technologies, novel methods for assessing users’ behaviors, products and services which show remarkable HMIs. How? Providing benchmarking of concurrent solutions, developing proof of concept of unknown interactive technologies, organize tech days and networking with technologies’ vendors and potential integrators.

There is only the spoil of choice: neuroergonomics; nudge as design trigger in interactions; HMIs solutions for AI managed functions; advanced tools for detecting user’s status (emotions, workload, attentions); tangible virtual interfaces based on mid-air haptic, etc! For that we are proud to be an accredited laboratory for research and development of our region.

Our Human Machine Interfaces are involving and integrating different input/output systems and interactive on-the edge technologies such as digital visual screens, 3D, holograms, vocal recognition, acoustic spatialized displays, head-ups, IoT, gesture-based solutions, haptic and mid-air haptic, brain-computer.

HMI Prototyping.

To bring an HMI to life, as it would be in the real final product, we designed a high fidelity HMI prototyping framework. Our tools and methodologies let you interact with the HMI prototype as it would be in the real final product: same look and feel, same functionalities!

One more benefit of our approach: it is no-code, as everything is model-based and combined with lots of libraries that we already developed to integrate the HMI with the system architecture, its sensors, and its remote devices. In sum, if you want an interface for an oven, we need to let you taste the cake you can cook with that HMI! Some of our prototypes can become real products in a few clicks indeed: the magic of being model-based. Start as a design exercise, become the real product without wasting a bit. This is what we call incremental prototyping. No boundaries between design and development.


What about coding? Yes, we do code! We use many frameworks that can target several embedded platforms and every computer Operating System, to produce software and firmware.

Furthermore, since everything is going to be connected and smart, we have a dozen-project-validated expertise in developing connected App working on Android, iOS, or as a Web App. CarPlay, Android Auto, Home kit: no secrets for us! Presumably nerdy?

Keep in contact.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or if you would like information about our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Let’s get in touch and make something great happen.