The interaction engineering company.

Founded in 2004, RE:Lab is now a leader in the design, development, and evaluation of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Starting from scratch or from an existing HMI, our unique approach turns a concept into a working solution, ready to go in production. It’s a process that
we called Interaction Engineering: HMI, from drawing to driving.

The three main pillars of RE:Lab’s Interaction Engineering are: a wide set of HMI services, enabling HMI products, and RE:Search, our research and development unit. Our company’s culture is User-Centred and User-Experience driven.

From drawing to drive we say, and ready to share the driving with you.

We help machines to help humans.

Our aim is to improve the relationship between people and technologies in order to make the products and services of our customers reach higher levels of quality and competitiveness.

Designers, Human Factor experts, and engineers work side by side to achieve the most suitable interaction with a technological solution – either visual, physical, vocal, or gestural. In doing that, we can count on consolidated expertise in interaction and visual design, ergonomics, and human factors, as well as on SW, FW, and HW development for HMI.