Solutions for human machine interface

Over 20 years of pioneering in the field of Human Machine Interface (HMI), we have mastered of interaction design tools, diving deep into the nuances of User Experience, Ergonomics and Interaction Design.

Whether it’s designing a new feature for a vehicle or making an app easier to use, we start with the basics – sketches and layouts – and then test everything to make sure it is working perfectly.

Our HMI solutions integrate various input/output systems and incorporate cutting-edge technologies, including; Digital Visual Screens, 3D graphics, Holograms, Voice recognition systems, Spatial audio displays,-Head-up displays, IoT, Gesture-Based solutions, Haptic and Mid-air Haptic.

Our goal is to create technology that integrates into your life effortlessly!

UX Research

Following the latest industry revolutions, automation and artificial intelligence have become essential across all sectors and this underscores the critical role of User Experience (UX) research in facilitating optimal and seamless interactions for end-users.

Our UX research encompasses a diverse toolkit, including interviews, focus groups, personas, as well as qualitative and quantitative research, usability testing, and much more, to ensure the best possible user experience.

Ready to elevate your user experience?

HMI Prototyping

We’ve developed a high-fidelity HMI prototyping framework that mirrors the final product’s look and functionality, allowing for real-life interaction experiences.

Our no-code, model-based approach, supplemented by a vast library of pre-built components, ensures seamless HMI integration with any system.

Also, our process enables prototypes to effortlessly transition into actual products, embodying the essence of incremental prototyping where design seamlessly merges with development, eliminating any waste along the way.

With us, the line between design and development disappears, and our approach facilitates a streamlined and efficient creation process from start to finish.


Our software development team creates transformative solutions for the needs of clients in any domain, including automotive, industrial automation, household appliances, and Internet Of Things.

Our skills:

• Hardware design

• Firmware development for embedded solutions with a strong expertise in the implementation of field bus protocols (e.g. CAN, ModBus), short-long range connectivity modules (e.g. Bluetooth, BLE/BLE Mesh, Wifi, LTE) and protocols (e.g. HTTP/HTTPs,MQTT)

• Software development for HMI targets (e.g. displays, terminals for the Automotive-PTW-OffHighway domains) using Qt/QML, Kanzi Rightware toolchains

• Mobile (iOS, Android) apps development, with an experience in popular IoT frameworks (HomeKit, Carplay, Ayla)

• Web development (front and back-end solutions)

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If you are interested in collaborating with us or if you would like information about our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Let’s get in touch and make something great happen.