• Year: 2020-2021-2022


In collaboration with the National Dance Foundation/Aterballetto, a fruition of three short choreographies filmed through the Cinematic VR technique, that is, with 360-degree footage of the space, has been conceived to be enjoyed, either seated or standing, through VR visors.
The viewer is free to investigate the virtual space with his or her gaze as the performance unfolds whose perspective is dynamic, in close planes of movement.

It is dangerous NOT to lean out (E’ pericoloso NON sporgersi)

Choreography and direction by Francesca Lattuada,

a visionary artist active in France.

RE:LAB was responsible for the technological development and user experience study finalised for the virtual reality performance.

The setting chosen is of great interest: the Museum of the Psychiatry History hosted in Reggio Emilia in the Pavilion

Lombroso, wich is one of the symbolic buildings of the San Lazzaro asylum complex.  The choreographer’s idea starts naturally from the historical memory with which the Pavilion is impregnated and relies on the ability of certain bodies to force, almost distort, the perception of reality.

The spectator experiences an immersion in a world in which all usual references have vanished. A bit like what could happen to the residents of the Pavilion Lombroso.

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