LUME planner is a tool for planning sustainable trips and visits to historical places, museums, craft shops and artistic and cultural events of the Emilia Romagna Region.

Objectives and actions


– To acquire suitable data for designing, developing, testing and validating the platform, which is aspected to be both a user-friendly tool and a driver for the local tourism development.

– To develop a guideline regulating the regular use of the app once the experimental phase will be over.


– To identify and define the sites of historical, artistic and cultural interest to be involved in the experimental phase of the project.

– To identify and define the modes of transport to be promoted by the app and their usability requirements (timetables, journey time, facilities for people with disabilities, traffic).

– To identify and define the activities related to local tourism (restaurants, hotels, crafts shops) to be promoted by the app.



– To develop web, smartphone and tablet applications allowing tourists to easily access the services offered by the tool.

– To create a device-independent user interface that will use the cloud platform features to provide the users with information about tourism sites and travel solutions and with suggestions which are supposed to change user behavior to efficiency and sustainability.

– To test the interface by a final pilot delivering such services to at least 1,000 test users.

– To perform an ongoing monitoring of the users’ use of the pilot through log analysis and longitudinal tests.


– To develop an HTML5 application suitable for web, smartphone and tablet devices by co-design sessions involving local users and stakeholders.

– To perform iterative tests on intermediate prototypes and on the pilot platform through qualitative techniques and empirical usability tests involving local users and stakeholders.

– To draft a technical report after each design phase, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the adopted solutions and to orient the next one.

– To draft a final report on the adopted design techniques, the web site development and the applications platform.

– To create and strengthen international networks that can support the design and development of expected results.

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