• Client: Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto
  • Year: 2021


Many Italian regions have opened their museums again in the last few days. This makes us reflect on the importance of cultural centers in every country and brings to mind an important project in which technology and culture met: the re-design of a city museum in Rovereto, located in northern Italy.


The multidisciplinary team of RE:Lab has been inserted in the technical/curatorial system of the Museo Civico of Rovereto, developing technologies then installed as interactive stations inside the City Museum. Through the technologies used in the various stations, the visitor is able to live an experience in which knowledge and multisensory information merge, between real and virtual. The artistic heritage of the city dialogues with the present through digital technologies, revealing new meanings and possibilities of sharing and interpretation for the user. Inside the video, we briefly show the results of an interesting project that brings the historical and cultural background of a territory closer to older and newer generations in an interactive way.


The technologies

The project has developed 10 different interactive technologies. Among them, InterFACES is a digital mirror that integrates artificial intelligence algorithms for face recognition and adaptation to an artwork. While the Soundwall is an interactive wall that collects different objects on display with their own visual and sound identity to be discovered. The system works by using the gesture of the curious visitor, which is recognized as the control of the interaction. By pointing the finger and indicating an object, it is illuminated and at the same time, the associated sounds are activated.

The sound is one of the elements most explored in the curatorial project. In fact, we find ourselves next to a window on the courtyard that works as a digital interface that allows you to activate, by touching them, sounds related to the most significant historical events of the city of Rovereto, such as the landslide, the earthquake, the river in flood, the bell of the Fallen, the siren of war and childhood memories told in dialect. Historical memories that live again through technology.


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