• Year: 2021

Technological fields:


SUPER Craft, acronym for Smart Utility Platform for Emilia-Romagna Craft, project aims to develop a B2B platform capable of providing online tools and services for the use of emerging technologies enabling product innovation in the field of advanced design and digital craftsmanship.

The project is coordinated by Romagnatech with the participation of partners, companies and stakeholders from Emilia-Romagna region.

The goals

SUPER Craft aims to encourage the use of enabling technologies for product innovation in the field of advanced design and digital craftsmanship, through “product customization” processes, with the use of digital and additive manufacturing, and the “product functionalization”, through the creation of smart components to be used in B2B supply chains.

Also through the implementation of specific training activities, in the intention of the project these co-design paths aim to encourage:

RE:LAB Contribution

As a contributor to the development of the SUPER Craft project, RE:LAB was responsible with the task of designing the wireframes and User Interface look and feel of the platform. In a collaborative manner with project partners, the design of SUPER Craft aimed to remain coherent with the EROI (Emilia-Romagna Open Innovation) platform’s linear aesthetic, while also utilizing minimal colors and icons to ensure a clean and user-friendly interface that would keep the user experience parallel with EROI platform.

The wireframes that were created crafted to align with the specific requirements of the SUPER Craft project, empowering B2B partners by providing necessary tools to initiate calls for partnerships, manage projects with precision, track progress in both general and detailed views, and gain insight into archived projects with ease. Furthermore, the platform’s design encompasses transactional features such as calendars, notifications, and participant tracking to grant a comprehensive understanding of the project’s progress and activities, enabling partners to make informed decisions and stay informed of important developments.

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