• Year: 2022

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Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) is a key research topic for the European Union and the entire transport industry.
The vision of SINFONICA is to develop functional, efficient, and innovative strategies, methods and tools to engage CCAM users, providers and other stakeholders to collect, understand and structure in a manageable and exploitable way their needs, desires, and concerns related to CCAM. SINFONICA will use this knowledge to co-create final decision
support tools with the scope to enhance a seamless and sustainable deployment of CCAM solutions, to be inclusive and equitable for all.


SINFONICA will have an overall bottom-up approach to capture the mobility needs of European citizens with special attention to the needs of vulnerable users and under-researched groups. The process will be facilitated by the establishment of Groups of Interest in Trikala, Hamburg, Noord-Brabant province, and West Midlands metropolitan area.

Stakeholders’ representation of different segments of the society will be engaged in a participative process that will lead to the developments of a wide inventory of knowledge.

SINFONICA aims to develop efficient and innovative strategies to engage citizens, assess the current situation on CCAM deployments and share all the knowledge defined, created, and organized within the project through innovative tools and useful guidelines and recommendations towards capacity building of the decision makers towards inclusive CCAM deployments based on user needs.

An interactive tool to deliver tailored information, based on the profile of the user consulting it (industries actors, road operators, public administrations,
researchers, academia, and stakeholders interested to the CCAM domain and its societal aspects).

Generic simulation framework for CCAM solutions based on the widely used open frameworks MATSim and AMoDeus, Advancing the state-of-the-art cooperative fleet management algorithms by including customer requirements.​

You can learn more about the project here: www.sinfonica.eu

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